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    Am pretty new to ASP so not sure if this is possible, but....<BR>want to be able to forward an e-mail from my inbox via a web page "forward e-mail" button without having to save the message into a local folder first. Need to be able to do this for .txt, .eml and .mime files. Any suggestions??

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    Default Not exactly....

    You may be able to do it, but it would mean having the message as a file, and upload that message to the server.<BR><BR>You could probably interact with Outlook if you write a client-side ActiveX control. However, there are security issues with it. You would need to make your clients specifically download it. Which (personally) I wouldn&#039;t ever do.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re interested in this idea, you might want to look up how to interact with Outlook (/Outlook Express) through VB. You would then create the ActiveX component through VB, and embed it in your HTML page.<BR><BR>It would need a lot of work, but it&#039;s possible. I guess.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    There is a component called W3 Jmail which allows you to have pop access to your email. <BR><BR>you could retrieve the email with this and then forward it with the same mail compontent.<BR><BR>see for details.

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