Has anybody successfully used this?<BR><BR>According to MSDN, it&#039;s supposed to search the primary key of a datatable and update any records it finds with values from an array. If it doesn&#039;t find any matching values it&#039;s supposed to create a new row and insert it into the datatable, but just like my last post (see relational dataTables) it&#039;s not giving me an error, it&#039;s just doing NOTHING. I&#039;ve gotten absolutely nowhere with this stuff in the last 10 hours of work and it&#039;s driving me insane. I&#039;ve got two .net books and have read everything on all the sites I can find and none of them give me anything useful regarding loadDataRow.<BR><BR>Running out of places to turn *sigh*<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a code snippet, probably around the 500th iteration of it:<BR><BR>protected function loadLinks(pageID AS integer)<BR> dim pageSet AS dataSet = Session("sitePages" & session.Sessionid)<BR> dim linkTable AS dataTable = pageSet.Tables("linkTable")<BR> dim myRow AS dataRow<BR> <BR> dim updArray(2) AS object<BR> updArray(0) = lstPageNames.SelectedItem.Value<BR> updArray(1) = lstTemplates.SelectedItem.Value<BR> updArray(2) = curSlotID.Value<BR><BR> linkTable.BeginLoadData()<BR> myRow = linkTable.LoadDataRow(updArray, True)<BR> linkTable.EndLoadData()<BR><BR> Session("sitePages" & session.Sessionid) = pageSet<BR>end function<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>])ry<BR><BR>