I have to build some business objects in ASP.NET,i supposethe way is the same like ActivexDll in Visual Basic.<BR>So i build a Visual Basic.NET Class library with a new namespace, for example "MyLib", than build a new class with some methods.<BR>I want use this object in a ASP.NET web project,with session scope, so i try to insert a &#060;OBJECT ID="OBJ1" Class=""...&#062; in the<BR>global.asax file.<BR><BR>This DOES NOT WORK: the compiler d&#039;ont recognize the "OBJ1" instance and the tag declaration raises an error in the Vb code.<BR>I use the code-behind style of global asax (and all aspx files use the same settings) created by the Visual Studio.NET environment.<BR><BR>Where is the problem ?.<BR>Thanks for all: excuse me for my poor english.<BR><BR>Riccardo Galli-Italy<BR>riccardo.galli@tin.it