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    Hi!<BR><BR>Our company recently had to reinstall many of the components of NT Server 4.0, including IIS. Things appeared to be working when our Network guy left the office. However, there are some things that are not working.<BR><BR>It appears that our web server will only display when we are logged into our local area network. However, when dialed into the Internet we get a message that the server is not available. (I am not sure of the exact message that IE 5.0 displays. However the server seems to hang for several seconds and the &#039Server is unavailable&#039 error is displayed.)<BR><BR>I have not worked with IIS much, and not nearly to the degree our NT administrator has. But, with him out of town, I was wondering if there are any settings that I can check that might cause the server to be unavailable to the public when not going through our LAN.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.

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    This is a strange one, no question - check the default gateway of that IIS box, also be sure that the IP of your server is valid for the Internet, do you hae a proxy or firewall that sheilds it when it is on the LAN? Please be a bit more specific - what do you mean, IIS will only display when we are logged into our LAN? That confuses me . . .

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    Ok- right now the companies Web site is mostly on a third party ISP&#039s web server. However, some of the features of ASP require certain directories on the server to have permissions our ISP doesn&#039t want to allow. So there are two ASP applications that run on this web server, which resides in our office. So, when a user wants to do anything with these apps, it grabs data off our local web server. It is far from ideal, but eventually everything is going to be moved from our ISP&#039s server to our own.<BR><BR>Thru about a week or so ago, things ran smoothly. We were able to access the web applications on our web server without problem. However, about one week ago, the NT guy that helps run the Network had to re-install a service related to a back up or something. Now, when we are here at the office and logged into our LAN, we are able to run the applicaitons that reside on the local server, and get to any other pages on that web server. However, when I go home at night and dial into my ISP and try to go to anything on our IP, we are no longer able to access any part of our web server.<BR><BR>I hope that explains it a little better. As I said, I don&#039t know a ton about NT or IIS, but, since the Network guy is out of town, I was hoping that someone else has run into something like this or it is an easy fix.<BR><BR>If you have anything for me, I would love to hear it.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.<BR><BR>Chris

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