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    I have a left side navigation code generator that I need help with. It is nested and I want to allow the option within the form to have a sub navigational link underneath each link. How could I go about this?<BR><BR>For example Link #1 = ??? And a radio button to click if you wish to have a sublink with it. On click it would ungray the box for the nested link. etc .

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    Default Show what you have so far...

    I *think* I understand you, but I don&#039;t want to waste 30 minutes going down the wrong path.<BR><BR>At a minimum, show the HTML for your basic form (not worrying about whether something is "grayed out" or not) and then indicate what button you want to do what.<BR><BR>

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    Default I think he might have..

    .. reposted in the Q&A forum under a different title:<BR><BR><BR>It might save you 30 minutes of typing, all together.

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