Hello, <BR><BR>I&#039;ve got two related dataTables in a single dataset and am having a strange issue with inserting new rows into each. If the dataset doesn&#039;t exist in cache then it creates the two tables, sets the primary key, and adds the relation. Otherwise the system is supposed to add a new record to both tables. This is all working fine, except it&#039;s refusing to add the row to my child table (linkTable). I&#039;m fairly certain it&#039;s a syntax issue, but I&#039;m not getting any errors, it just does nothing. <BR><BR>Here is the code to add new rows if the set is in cache:<BR><BR> dim pageSet AS dataSet = Cache.Get("sitePageSet") <BR><BR> dim pageTable AS dataTable = pageSet.Tables("pageTable")<BR> dim nextPageRow AS dataRow<BR><BR> nextPageRow = pageTable.NewRow()<BR> nextPageRow("pageName") = newPage<BR> pageTable.Rows.Add(nextPageRow) <BR> <BR> dim linkTable AS dataTable = pageSet.Tables("linkTable")<BR> dim nextLinkRow AS dataRow<BR> <BR> nextLinkRow = linkTable.NewRow()<BR> nextLinkRow("templateID") = lstTemplates.SelectedItem.Value<BR> nextLinkRow("slotID") = curSlotID.Value<BR> linkTable.Rows.Add(nextLinkRow)<BR> <BR> cache.Insert("sitePageSet", pageSet)<BR><BR><BR>Any help? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>])ry<BR>