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    I&#039;m using PWS and I have also inherited some ASP pages. <BR>The problem I have is that the ASP pages perform progressively worse the more they are accessed.<BR>When I look at the performance monitor under NT (I&#039;m monitoring cached objects) you can see when connection objects are established, but once the page is processed and returned from the server, the corresponding object isn&#039;t closed on the NT machine. I do know that a certain amount of caching of ASP pages takes place, but it&#039;s now at the stage where it&#039;s killing the server.<BR>Does anyone have any ideas as to why the objects aren&#039;t being closed or indeed how I could solve the problem. Thanks.<BR>

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    See FAQ #110.

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    First off, PWS is not designed for serving ASPs. Second off, I suggest you wait 20 minutes after the page is loaded and see if the objects die then.<BR>Why 20? Because it is the default session timeout set my MS. And could be related.<BR><BR>

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