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    I was wondering if anyone had any views on the how wise it is to create a chat room using ASP. I want to do this but I have not seen too many working examples of it and was thus wondering if it a wise thing to do. <BR><BR><BR>If anyone has any code for a simple chatroom, could they mail it to me. I am only a newbie to the world of ASP and most of the chat code I have found is quite complex. I was hoping I could find code for a chat site which has the following features:<BR><BR>- a smooth refresh rate<BR>- a list of who is logged on<BR>- different colors for different users<BR><BR>Basically nothing too complex<BR><BR>Thanks a million in advance<BR>Ross<BR>

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    I don&#039t know if you have been in my chat rooms but I do recall seeing the name Ross listed if not you can check them out at . the application can be downloaded from the logon page<BR><BR>the features are<BR><BR>Application <BR><BR>Multiple Chat Rooms <BR>Automatic log off if guests leave the room or close their browser window without clicking the log off button <BR>Clicking the log off button removes chat room view from the screen and give the guest a link back to the home page <BR>Room(s) must have at least one entry to stay alive <BR>Administrative <BR><BR>Control Panel<BR> <BR>Add Room Managers <BR>Name <BR>Email <BR>Password <BR>Edit Room Managers Information <BR>Name <BR>Email <BR>Password <BR>Delete Room Managers <BR>Room Maintenance <BR>Monitor active rooms <BR>Send msg to active rooms <BR>Send personal msg to room guests (Windows popup on selected users computer only) <BR>Remove guests from rooms <BR>Application Configuration (via: file) <BR>Language filter <BR>What room categories to apply the language filter to <BR>words or phrases to filter out <BR>set default email address for technical support <BR>database connection path for all application pages <BR>Logo image path <BR>Log Off image path <BR>Chat room Page Background Color <BR>Header-Footer Color <BR>Header-Footer Font Color <BR>Font Face <BR>Page Font Color <BR>Links Colors<BR> <BR>Room Managers <BR><BR>Create chat rooms (only 1 active room at a time) <BR>Set room category ( Adult , Kids room) and maximum number of occupants allowed in the room <BR>View active rooms and number of guests per room <BR>Remove guests from room <BR>Clear room entries by date (Maintenance) If Room Manager removes all room entries using the maintenance form the application will put a new entry with the Room Managers name and the line entry "welcome" to keep the room alive <BR>Remove chat room by logging off <BR>leaving room without logging off ( keeps room alive ) <BR>Remove room line entries by clicking on the entry link <BR><BR>Basic User Functions <BR><BR>Help Files at logon screen <BR>Help Files in chat room <BR>Set maximum number of line entries to view <BR>Set number of seconds chat room should refresh the screen <BR>Remove their personal line entries by clicking the entry link <BR>Print chat room entries <BR>Change rooms <BR>Select a face for your room name <BR>

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