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    I have designed a Website where the Index.asp (Default Docuemnt) is not placed at the Root Level. It is placed in a Sub Folder inside the Home Directory. When I finally Uploaded the website from test serevr to web server, I got problem in the Entire website Linking. <BR><BR>Say If my index.asp is placed in ASP folder under HD Folder (Home Directory folder, say), Then I have tried to designate HD as Virtual Directory and ASP/index.asp as default document. I have also tried HD/ASP as virtual dir path and index.asp as default document. I am getting problem in the entire web site linking (only first page gets displayed properly in former case).<BR><BR>So, I just want to know is there any solution for this or always Index.asp has to be at the rooot Level?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    It is definitelly better if your site starts from the root folder.<BR>What you can do is create a file in the root make it the default and have it point to the index.asp in the ASP folder via a 302 refresh.<BR><BR>As for linking problems check your paths. Go to the index.asp and try going to one of the links on that page. See what address it tries to go to.

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