Any Ideas what an "ASP 0115" error is?

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Thread: Any Ideas what an "ASP 0115" error is?

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    Default Any Ideas what an "ASP 0115" error is?

    So I&#039ve got this site that I&#039m writing, I work on it at work when I have a spare minute and take it home at weekend to code on my machine at home. trouble is lately the home version won&#039t work I get<BR><BR>There was an Error<BR><BR>"ASP 0115"<BR><BR>..asp/test.asp<BR><BR>This is really strange aas I&#039m using the same files and everything that I use on my work machine, the same files even worked fine on my friends machine.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>I&#039m going to try upgrading my ODBC drivers and reinstalling PWS to see if that does anything. I&#039ll let you know...<BR><BR>Pete

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    This might help<BR><BR><BR><BR>-Ash

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