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    Hey all<BR><BR>I am using File System Object to create a .asp file at a specified location. I am writing out a file that i know works. However when i come to write one line to the document it prints it out incorrectly<BR><BR>My code is<BR><BR>&#060;%@Language="JavaScript"%&#062;<BR> &#060;%<BR><BR><BR>content="&#060;%@Language=\"VBs cript\"%&#062;"<BR><BR>content1="&#060;%"<BR><BR>c ontent2="Response.Buffer =\"True\";"<BR><BR>content3= "%&#062;"<BR><BR>content4="&#060;%"<BR><BR>content 5="dim shop"<BR><BR>content6="Shop=Session(\"shop\")"<BR> <BR>content7="//display infor from the shop array"<BR><BR><BR>content8="Const ordernum = 0"<BR><BR>content9="Const id = 1"<BR><BR>content10="Const qty = 2"<BR><BR>content11="Const shopname = 3"<BR><BR>content12="Const orderseq= 4"<BR><BR>content13=" For lnLoopCounter = 0 To Ubound(shop ,2)"<BR><BR>content14="inordernum =shop(ordernum, lnLoopCounter)"<BR><BR>content15="inorderseq =shop(orderseq, lnLoopCounter)"<BR><BR>content16="inid =shop(id, lnLoopCounter)"<BR><BR>content17="inqty =shop(qty, lnLoopCounter)"<BR><BR>content18="inshopname =shop(shopname, lnLoopCounter)"<BR><BR>content19="strSql = \"INSERT INTO order_details (order_num, order_seq_num, id, qty, shop )\""<BR><BR>content20="strSql = strSql & \"VALUES (" &inordernum& "," & inorderseq & ",&#039;" & inid & "&#039;," & inqty & ", &#039;"& inshopname &"&#039;)\""<BR><BR>etc..<BR><BR>Each content line is later written to a file, using a Response.Write. When i try to write out content line 20, it runs properly without any errors. When u view the created file it has puts a 0 instead of<BR><BR>strSql = strSql & "VALUES ( "& inordernum &" ," & inorderseq & ",&#039;" & inid & "&#039;," & inqty & ", &#039;"& inshopname &"&#039;)"<BR><BR>I think it is something to do with the Loop it is in. Anyone know how i can rectify the problem?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Mac<BR><BR>:

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    Default Crosspost...answered in Advanced...

    Though it really isn&#039;t advanced. Should have asked it here to begin with.<BR><BR>

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