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    Darren Jones Guest

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    When trying out the mailForm.asp I noticed that the form field entries listed on the email were in a different order to how they appear on the original form. (eg. my form asks for name then email address then telephone number etc, and the email lists the results with the telephone number first).<BR>Is there any way to fix this? (cos I&#039m gonna need results in a specific order). Thanks.

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    Darren Jones Guest

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    I added a number before the name of each form text field. This kind of worked, except the number 6 response was given at the top of the list. I changed this field from &#039 6 quantity&#039 to &#039 6 amount&#039 and it then appeared in the right order in the email !?<BR><BR>It obviously doesn&#039t arrange them alphabetically, so I&#039m still stumped as to what system it uses. Any ideas? I need to know for some other forms we&#039re planning.<BR><BR>(Would it help if I posted the url? The asp is mailForm.asp from 4 guys....)

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