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    Given my woes over the last week to learn ASP to play around with an online database I was wondering if maybe I need to start over. i.e. learn the best/most efficient code/language...I was just working my way through Sam&#039;s "Learn ASP 3.0 in 21 days" when I reached the bit about beating up databases and had a realworld application. Would it be better to put the book on the shelf and get into ASP with SQL? etc. etc. Just wondering which way to turn here cos I would certainly like to learn this stuff but am feeling a tad frustrated...<BR><BR>And BTW...Thanks all for your help...much appreciated...I actually think I have subconciously learnt alot in the last couple of days...which will hopefully bear some fruit when i can start accessing the DB.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Brian

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    the book is good, don&#039;t worry. Just try to understand what happens in the examples.<BR><BR>You have to learn the basics before learning the rest (such as SQL Statements)<BR><BR>Just keep going :-)

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