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    Hey guys. Another dilemma: I have a new task, and that is to make a reporting application with ASP that allows the administrator to easily enter companies and items of the companies into a database. The problem arises when the administrator needs to print a report. Now, I have tried a few things, and so far none have proved their worth to me:<BR>-Using Response.ContentType = "application/msword" to make it a WORD file, so that it can be easily printed. I didn&#039;t like this, because I don&#039;t know of a way to make page breaks in the doucment.<BR>-Using the MAIL MERGE feature of a pre-made WORD document that pulls info from my database of information (Company names, their products, etc etc). I didn&#039;t like this, because I can&#039;t MAIL MERGE over the internet for some reason (when the doc is pulled up after clicking it&#039;s link in the browser, the MAIL MERGE option is greyed out)<BR><BR>What options are out there to solve my problems? Working with WORD docs is relatively new to me, so please bear with me if I sound dumb (Page breaks! :) <BR><BR>Thx for your help guys (and gals!)<BR>~~Chaotix

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    We output all of our reports using PDFLIB (www.pdflib.com). It allows us to create dynamic PDF reports on the fly, optional saving them to the server&#039;s hard-drive or just to memory to send back to the client. It supports multi-page reports, templates such as forms, etc.<BR><BR>It works very well for us.

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