I wrote some code that would let me authenticate via Active Directory or a WinNT Member Directory. When I first ran this code below, everything worked fine. An hous later it diddnt. I am getting this error description: "The system cannot find the path specified."<BR><BR>In the time between it working and not working, there was no change to the code what-so-ever.<BR><BR>
<BR>ADSIProvider = "WinNT:"<BR><BR>UserName = Request.Form("UserID")<BR>UserPass = Request.Form("Password")<BR><BR>Dim oSec<BR>Dim sChckID<BR> <BR>If LoadContent(oSec, "Security", Application("AdminData"), True, "", "Title ASC") Then<BR> <BR>	sDomain = oSec("Domain")<BR>	sGroup = oSec("Container")<BR>	UserAcct = sDomain & "\" & UserName<BR>	 <BR>	&#039;On Error Resume Next<BR>	 <BR>	Set oUser = GetObject(ADSIProvider)<BR>	Set oDsUser = oUser.OpenDSObject(ADSIProvider & "//" & sDomain & "/" & UserName & ",user", _<BR>	                                 UserAcct, UserPass, 1)<BR>	 <BR>	If err.Number = 0 Then<BR>	    For each group in oDsUser.groups<BR>	        If group.name = sGroup Then<BR>	        <BR>				If LoadContent(oAdmins, "Division Admins", Application("AdminData"), True, "", "[Division Name] ASC") Then<BR>					sChckID = Trim(Request.Form("UserID"))<BR>					sFilter = "UserID = &#039;" & sChckID & "&#039;"<BR>					oAdmins.Filter = sFilter<BR>					sUserID = oAdmins("UserID")<BR>					If UserName = sUserID Then<BR>						If Trim(Session("DivisionDisplay")) = oAdmins("Division") Then<BR>							Session("DisplayName") = oDsUser.Fullname<BR>							Session("DivisionDisplay") = Trim(Request("Divisions"))<BR>							Session("WACDivisionAdminUserId") = Trim(Session("DivisionDisplay"))<BR>							Response.Redirect "../index.asp"<BR>						Else<BR>							Response.Redirect "Login.asp?Err=" & err.helpfile & ""<BR>						End If<BR>					Else<BR>						Response.Redirect "Login.asp"<BR>					End If<BR>				End If<BR>			Else<BR>				Response.Redirect "Login.asp?Err=" & err.helpfile & ""<BR>			End If<BR>	    Next<BR>	Else<BR>	    Response.Redirect "Login.asp?Err=" & err.helpfile & ""<BR>	End If<BR>	<BR>End If<BR><BR>Set oDsUser = Nothing<BR>Set oUser = Nothing<BR>
<BR><BR>Can someone help?<BR><BR>Thanks