Where's my VS.net Intellisense?

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Thread: Where's my VS.net Intellisense?

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    Default Where's my VS.net Intellisense?

    Going through Tools &#062; Options, I&#039;ve turned on the Intellisense for regular HTML / ASP stuff, which works fine.<BR><BR>However, none of the other Intellisense stuff that I got so addicted to with Interdev 6 works when I edit an ASPx page using VB.net.<BR><BR>Is this by design?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Intellisense only works on pages that use the codebehind models. Yes, this is by design.<BR><BR><BR>HELP CREATE THE NEXT GENERATION FORUM! -A.NET FORUM.<BR>http://www.creationmasters.com/forum

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