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Thread: CD Solution HTML or Java?

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    I am producing an informational cd for work. I am currently working within html for the opening interface. It opens within internet explorer and has a list of links leading to documents on the cd. Is there a way I can hide the internet explorer navigation bars? I suspect this may be a java thing, if so can someone provide or atleast point me to the code?

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    Default Java or JavaScript?

    If Java, you are in the wrong place. Few, if any, regular posters here know Java.<BR><BR>If you mean JavaScript...<BR><BR>Yeah, you could have the first page that pops up immediately open another window on top of itself with scroll bars, tool bars, etc., etc., and then close the original window.<BR><BR>Pretty trivial.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Try the various options.<BR><BR><BR>

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