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    I&#039;ve got a form with a couple of combo boxes, when the user submits the form it requeries the existing page using the <BR>get method and restricts the the records returned based on the URL parameters. The problem I have is that when the page <BR>refreshes the combo box values are also refreshed. What is the easiest way to stop this so that the combo boxes keep their<BR>value when the page refreshes.<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>Ron.

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    Default You'll have to...

    Save the value of the combobox to a hidden form field or pass via the query string and when the page refreshes have the selected value of the combobox be that value...<BR><BR>KLC

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    while creating your listboxes(in the loop), you should check the values you receive when theform submits to itself. if the value matches, you put the "SELECTED" attribute to that element<BR>else no "selected" attribute, and will not be highlighted when the page reloads.<BR><BR>There is a FAQ on this.checkout

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