I have been having problems with inserting and updating dates in my database. I read the article from this site called "Working with databases and International Date Formats" and subsequently changed the way I was inputting the days from DD/MM/YYYY to DD-MMM-YYYY. This inserts the date correctly in a way, as before when I inserted it as DD/MM/YYYY it converted it to MM/DD/YYYY.<BR><BR>However I&#039;m still having problems. If I insert the date in the DD-MMM-YYYY and update the page is displays it on my page as DD/MM/YYYY - which is ok (although not preferable) but I update the page again it changes to MM/DD/YYYY.<BR><BR>The function described on the article (mentioned above) may work but I don&#039;t know how to set the variables. So if I get the info from a request.form("DATE") - how should I modify the function below so that it works:<BR><BR>Function MediumDate (str)<BR> Dim aDay<BR> Dim aMonth<BR> Dim aYear<BR><BR> aDay = Day(str)<BR> aMonth = Monthname(Month(str),True)<BR> aYear = Year(str)<BR> <BR> MediumDate = aDay & "-" & aMonth & "-" & aYear<BR> <BR>End Function