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    I hate to post a non-asp question.... but this is the place for answers.... I downloaded an animated joke from and now I get popups even when I am not surfing the internet. Hey, if I just walk away from my computer for a few minutes, the pop-ups keep coming. How can I get rid of this? I don&#039;t want to install a pop-up killer program. I just want to delete the program that got stuck in my browser. It is obviously from the twisted humor program because that website used to hand out swf files, now they are all exe. Furthermore, sometimes the URLs of the sites of the pop-ups have the words twisted humor included.<BR><BR>Thanks a million you guys! <BR><BR>Edward<BR>;-)

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    [ctrl]-[alt]-[del] select &#039;task manager&#039; &#062; &#039;Processes&#039;<BR><BR>Delete the exe that is running, you&#039;ll have to work out what exe it is, then end that process.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll also need to check nothing is in the startup directory.

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