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    I am just curious as to how much of a speed difference it would make when using Select fieldname1, fieldname2... rather than Select * ... if you only need a few fields instead of all of them. I am using an Access database by the way.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    ...the number of bytes being returned by the number of records being returned, in each case. <BR><BR>Enough said?<BR><BR>To be fair, it probably doesn&#039;t make as much difference with Access as it does with other DBs, since Access isn&#039;t a DB server. That is, the Access driver is in a DLL that simply runs in the same process space (memory space) as your ASP pages. With a true server, all those bytes have to be transmitted from the DB to ADO. With Access, the bytes are just returned in a memory buffer.<BR><BR>

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