okie people... here is another killer question.<BR>i want to add a new blank row to my datagrid or datalist.... whichever you people think is best.<BR>when i click the "Add new row" button, a textbox will appear at the last row of the datagrid... which means if my datagrid has 5 rows of information, by clicking "add new row" i should get 6 row.. 5 rows of information and 1 row which is the textbox. <BR><BR>i dont save anything back to the database, untill i click the "save" button. i can continue to add new rows .. as many as i wish.. untill the "save" button is click then all information is posted to the database for inserting. can anyone out there help me with this?<BR>i&#039;m very new to asp.net<BR>sorry for the spelling folks.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance.