How would I use ASP to get a Form to post to two p

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Thread: How would I use ASP to get a Form to post to two p

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    Default How would I use ASP to get a Form to post to two p

    I&#039;m trying to make a calendar of events for my organization. I&#039;d like it to display a calendar, and then have a button at the bottom for "add an event" or something similar. When the user clicks this button, they are sent to a form. I am trying to get the form to send to two pages. The first is a page which updates the calendar to reflect the event&#039;s posting. The second is a page on the server (which I only have access to post to, not modify or copy over or anything) that sends an email out. <BR>The second page requires a "to", "from", "subject" and "message" value to be posted to it. Basically I&#039;d like to know if there&#039;s a way I can make my form to post to a page which will update my calendar, and then send selected parts of the form to the second page which sends out an email. Please let me know if this is possible at all. I tried making my own page to send emails on the server, but apparently it has problems with both Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message") and Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail"). I get an error message when I use the tutorial on for sending email.<BR>Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Just put the email code after the insert code, you don&#039;t need 2 pages<BR>and if you have to go to another page just do a <BR><BR>response.redirect "emailpage.asp?from=" & Request.form("from") & "&to="Request.form("to") and so on and so on

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    Default RTFFAQs.....

    read FAQ#61... that will allow you to "post" the page from another page.

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