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    John doe Guest

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    ************************************************<B R>is ther a findFirst()?!<BR><BR>can i do in Access DB W/ASP a FindFirst function<BR>(like there is in VB),<BR>that is, when i finf a recordset, one RS, i will stop <BR>the running of the runing through the DB.<BR>like i have a password, so i don&#039t need to go through<BR>all the DB after i found one that good for me - i need only one.<BR><BR>how to do that?!<BR><BR>************************************ ************<BR>what the majority do -<BR>the paths of images- or - insert IMAGES files into DB<BR>(i really don&#039t know if there is a way to do so...i just read it)<BR><BR>*************************************** *********<BR>is there kinda a "rule" for how many connection per one asp page?!<BR><BR>i mean, does 4 connections to DB and 4 RecordSet in<BR>one ASP page, are too much?!<BR>and if it is too much, what to do?!<BR><BR>thank you!!!

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    Leungas Guest

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    Q1. Can&#039t you write the query so that it return 1 record? e.g if your user enters a password, they will probably come with a username which needs to be unique.<BR><BR>Q2. I would rather use the path. Upload to DB can be very annoying and the path reference for upload can be a mess.<BR><BR>Q3. There is no "real" limit, but I think (and only I think) 1 per page is the best...

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    john doe Guest

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    about the Q1, i didn&#039t understand...<BR>the password is just an example, in my case, i only need the first record that answers the query...so?! can i do it?!<BR><BR>about Q2 - thank you.<BR><BR>about Q3 - i guess the best is one.<BR>but if i need more, is it so bad and not smart to do?!<BR>:-)

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