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    Default Date problem (updating)

    I am having major problems when trying to update a date field in my access database using ASP/VB Script.<BR><BR>If I type in the 01/10/2002 (DD/MM/YYYY) it updates it in the database as 10/01/2002. However if I add 29/10/2002 it inserts it correctly.<BR><BR>Basically - when the MM field is greater than the DD field it swaps it around. I can&#039;t figure out why it is doing this or how I can fix it.<BR><BR>HELP!

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    Default Access is expecting...

    .. dates in the US format: MM/DD/YYYY<BR><BR>So, do that:<BR>Function FormatUSDate(theDate)<BR> FormatUSDate = Month(theDate) & "/" & Day(theDate) & "/" & Year(theDate)<BR>End Function

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