I need to display PDF files and hide the source from the user. I&#039ve tried a couple of different ways...(1) Just display the PDF in a frame/problem: users can right-click on the very very edge of the frame and view source. (2)Use the SRC attribute of the frame to run ASP code that gets the path to the PDF and then redirects back to the SRC attribute (SRC=GETPDF.ASP?PARAMLIST)/problem: IE seems to be having problem with the way ASP is putting together the header information because then it can&#039t recognize the file as a PDF and says it doesn&#039t know how to display it. (It displays just fine if you put the path directly in the SRC attribute)<BR><BR>You can&#039t just display the file either, because the path then shows in the title bar of the browser. Any suggestions??? We have to hide the path because it has private information specific to each user that should not be passed around....we&#039d rather they wouldn&#039t know how to make a direct call to the PDF file.