Hi,<BR>I have just started using ASP.NET. I have made regular ASP pages using ADO to connect to Access files.<BR><BR>But now in ASP.NET when using OLEDB it seams I can only have one DataReader open, if I try to read two different queries on the same time I get an error, saying the first DataReader is open :(<BR><BR>Also if I read and update the DB in a loop, it seams the updates is not visible for the reader or I get errors again.<BR><BR>I try to move some data in a table. Something like :<BR>(pseudo code)<BR><BR>objRD1 = SELECT ids FROM tree WHERE parrent = target ;<BR>loop until end of objRD1<BR> objRD2= SELECT * FROM tree WHERE ids=objRD1(ids) ;<BR> update the same db and table <BR> next objRD1 record<BR><BR>So the broblem is that in a loop based on one select I cant make an other selcet or update the db...<BR><BR>Also I wonder if I can use ADO in stead of OLEDB with ASP.NET and if I can what is the difference. Maybe OLDDB is faster?<BR><BR>Thx<BR>Peter<BR>