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    Hello !! <BR><BR>I want to write in my Database a record when the Session of the user is over so i put the following code into Global.asa file in <BR><BR>If I put in my Global Asa in Sub Session_OnEnd. <BR><BR>Set Cnn_Ut = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>Cnn_Ut.Provider = "sqloledb" <BR>ProvStr = "Server=GECO;Database=utenti;Trusted_Connection=ye s;" <BR>Cnn_ut.Open ProvStr <BR><BR>Cnn_Ut.Execute "INSERT INTO TblPunteggioSessione (IdUtente) VALUES (31)" <BR><BR>This doesn&#039;t work ! <BR>I return no error but the script do nothing. <BR><BR>The script works fine in a generic ASP file. <BR><BR>Thanks for you help. <BR>Matteo Mazzoni

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    Default this is a very common problem

    The session_onend event is notorious for not always firing. In other words, it is generally unreliable.<BR><BR>Sorry, I think you&#039;ll have to look for an alternative.

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