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    I have an application that is hosted on a win2k server with IIS5.<BR>The site revolves around one dll that ive created and registered using com services.<BR>But often i find the site down.<BR>ive to re-register the dll to make the site up.<BR>can someone let me know why the dll goes down and is there a way to automatically register it?<BR><BR>Thx<BR>Venny

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    Default What do ya mean a dll "goes down" <eop>


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    Is your server cpu reaching 100% usage or is it working verry slow? <BR> If yes maybe you have some objects in your dll that get stuck in the server&#039;s memory. I think that every time you write <BR> set x = CreateObject("something")<BR>after you finished using x you should dealocate it from the memory by using something like<BR> set x = nothing

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