Not sure if the solution is as simple as a few lines of code or not!<BR><BR>Have an ASP page that passes a unique key to a DLL.<BR>The Dll then Gets the neccessary information from a SQL database and puts it into a preformatted macro protected document.<BR><BR>All of the parts of the project work individually. theyve been thouroughly tested. <BR><BR>The problem is that when the DLL starts microsoft word it finishes normally despite error trapping on the ASP page and DLL, but the word application is not accessible. This means i can see it is running in task manager (Windowns NT service pack 6a, and PWS installed). However it is not possible to go to the task, bring it to the front, alt tab into it, it dosent even appear when visible is set to true.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.