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    i have been assigned to create a web based email for a company i work for needless to say i know little to nothing can anyone please suggest some good resources to help me get though this?<BR>any suggestions would be a great help..<BR>thank you<BR>lost

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    in the case that you know nothing about ASP I will sugest you to grab a good begginers book like Active Server Pages 2.0 from Wrox ISBN 1-861001-34-7 , that is to have the basics on ASP, then you can star planning the best strategi to built your proyect.<BR><BR>I would do a proyect like yours using SQL Server (the microsoft DBMS server) to manage the e-mail data, and to control the users id and that kind of stuff, a web based e-mail system (like hotmail) is a big big Database, si if you start with a little mini hotmail for a small gorup of people you will start to know the limitations and the exact needs that your proyect will require.<BR><BR>Edgar Sosa<BR><BR>sorry for my english I speak spanish more often. : )

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