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    Does anyone know of an article or have some advice on the best way to utilize folders/directories in a site. I am building a <BR>multiple group site (different groups of people get different <BR>data.. images.. different info on same pages, etc) but am trying to use the same asp programs for all sites varying the content. Or even just the best way to set up folders for say a folder for forms / groupings of data. I keep fumbling around with the map path and navigation / include problems. <BR>thanks<BR>

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    Well, there are no rules as such about the folders heirarchy, rather it depends more<BR>of your convenience. a common approach would be <BR><BR>wwwroot --&#062; nameofthesite--&#062;<BR><BR>you should divide your whole website under some meaningful modules and arrange them as<BR>folders under your website. like sales,purchases,mktg,hr etc., and common files under<BR>folders like Include(for inc. files),Common etc, Javascript,etc..<BR><BR>as you start doing this you may come up with further ideas based on your experience and <BR>convenience<BR><BR>

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