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    i posted a few days ago after recieving an error "System Resource Exceeded" Bill told me to change locktype and repair database, and that didn&#039;t fix the problem, then a fellow developer i worked with uploaded a backup copy of a file i had been working on and the only thing that was changed was an SQL command:<BR><BR>Original:<BR>SELECT * FROM tblrenter1 WHERE State LIKE &#039;AZ&#039; Order BY user DESC<BR><BR><BR>Mine:<BR>SELECT * FROM tblrenter1,userinfo WHERE tblrenter1.user = userinfo.user AND State LIKE &#039;AZ&#039; AND tblrenter1.Live=-1 Order BY lastin DESC<BR><BR>that is the ONLY change that was in the file, is there something im missing in the second one an error that im not seeing that would cause the server to lockup on me?<BR>

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    the &#039;new&#039; statement returns a lot less records?? That could be a reason.

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