Login loops and session variables (follow up quest

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Thread: Login loops and session variables (follow up quest

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    Default Login loops and session variables (follow up quest

    I posted a couple of days ago. Thanks to Steve Miller and oli for helpful responses. I want to push a user to the home page if they fail to login correctly 3 times. Both responses recommend a session variable to track the number of login attempts. That makes sense to me.<BR><BR> How does this answer relate to the "Session Variables are evil" discussion? It seems like a legitimate use for session variables to me. Any other approaches or opinions.<BR><BR>dh

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    Default Very simple

    they are eveil in the sense <BR><BR><BR>if you have tooo many of them......what is tooo many<BR><BR><BR><BR>all depends on the amount of memory you have and the # of users who visit your site<BR><BR><BR>

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