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    i want to send an email verification of on order. this is what <BR><BR>myCDONTSMail.Body = "Thank you for placing an order with Beechwood Health." & vbcrlf&_ <BR><BR>Do While NOT Rs.EOF <BR>"Product Name" & vbcrlf&_ <BR>Rs.Movenext <BR>Loop <BR><BR>however this does not work. <BR><BR>i want to have the product name on a seperate line of the email. <BR><BR>ne help? <BR><BR>thanx <BR>tinkxtheminx

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    Fundamentals of VBScript and creating strings.<BR><BR>You simply can&#039;t do the stuff you are trying to do.<BR><BR>You have to build up the entire string *first* and *then* assign it to the mail body.<BR><BR>Also, your loop was getting absolutely nothing from the recordset, was it?<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>...<BR>Dim msgbody<BR>msgbody = "Thank you for placing an order with Beechwood Health." & vbcrlf<BR><BR>Do While NOT Rs.EOF <BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; msgbody = msgbody & "Product: " & RS("ProductName") & vbcrlf<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; Rs.Movenext <BR>Loop <BR><BR>&#039; you can remove the debug after it works<BR>Response.Write "DEBUG: msgbody is: " & msgbody & "&#060;HR&#062;"<BR><BR>myCDONTSMail.Body = msgbody<BR>...<BR>%&#062;<BR>

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