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    John Stack Guest

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    Has anyone had problems getting a global.asa file to execute?<BR>I am using Personal Web Server and Front Page with Windows 98.<BR>I constructed a simple global.asa file with subroutines to set initial values for application and session variables in the Application_OnStart and Session_OnStart events.<BR>I made sure I used the proper SCRIPT tags and specified<BR>RUNAT=SERVER, etc.<BR>The code in the default.asp file was set up to write the values as a test, but did not respond.<BR>I then deliberately put code errors in the global.asa file, but<BR>did not even get any server error messages which indicates that the global.asa file is not executing at all.

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    Ed Guest

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    It has been my experience that changes made in Global.asa using PWS are not reflected unless a reboot occurs.

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