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    I believe this is going to be a tough one, so I&#039;ll try to make it as simple as possible, and make modifications upon any suggestions that come. <BR><BR>1)I have a database with model numbers in it. <BR> For example: b8460, a21743, z5454s, a23087, s3l9k3.<BR>2)I have a folder on the server that has pdf files for some, but not all, of these models numbers.<BR> For example: b8460.pdf, a21746.pdf, s319k3.pdf.<BR>3)I know how to retrieve all the models numbers from the database, and I also know how to list all the contents of a folder, but what I really need to do is compare the database to the contents of the folder.<BR> For example: I have model number b8460 and I also have a b8460.pdf, so I would like to write a link to this pdf. However, I dont have a a23087.pdf for the model number a23087, so I would like to instead write "pdf not available". <BR><BR>How would I compare the results of my db query, to what is inside these folders?<BR><BR>Thanks to all--<BR>Jason

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    I am pretty sure FSO has a FileExists() method that you can pass in a filename and it will return true/false if it&#039;s there or not... if it&#039;s false, then output the "no pdf" and if it&#039;s true, output a link..

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