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    When using CDONTS.NewMail how can I force it to begin typing more text on a new line in the body. For example, I have several variables I want to list in the body of the email but have each one start on a new line.<BR><BR>I can set the body for the email with no problems Im just not sure how to format the body of the text properly.<BR><BR>Any help you can give me is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    you need to add vbcrlf to the end of each line.

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    sBody = "The dog ate." & vbCRLF & _<BR> "The Bill H is a monkey." & vbCRLF & _<BR> "A very ""special"" monkey." & vbCRLF<BR><BR>vbCRLF is a Carraige Return/Line Feed combination. In a plain text e-mail, it&#039;ll break the lines for you.<BR><BR>-Doug

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