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    I have to make a form that has 4 pages.<BR>Nothing too complicated, just a couple of textboxes form which<BR>I collect data (1st and 2nd page) and on the 3rd page I write it into the database.<BR>The 4th page is a "Thank you!"<BR>Can saomebody write down the basic code, please...<BR><BR>Tnnx...<BR>

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    Generally speaking the users on this board will not write down the code for you. Thats not fair to ask of them, most people here have their own work to do.<BR><BR>What the people here will do is help you if you are experiencing problems with code you are trying to write. But they will want to see what you have tried first, then they will suggest fixes.<BR><BR>What I can do is give you a few links to get you on your way;<BR><BR><BR>www.4guysfromrolla .com<BR><BR><BR>Also get a copy of Beginning ASP 3.0 from WROX press.<BR><BR>Matt

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    One approach to doing a multipage form is to recreate the form for each page using an IF..ELSE or SELECT...CASE structure. However, each subsequest page needs to contains hidden controls that correspond to the visible/hidden controls on the previous page. That&#039;s how you persist the data.<BR><BR>So, if Page 1 had these,<BR><BR>&#060;input type=text name="fname"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type=hidden name=id&#062;<BR><BR>The Page 2 will contain these,<BR><BR>&#060;input type=hidden name="fname"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type=hidden name=id&#062;<BR><BR>Page 2 will also contain other visible/hidden control that server its own purpose.<BR><BR>Each page also contain PREV/NEXT buttons (First only has NEXT)<BR><BR>You need to set a hidden control&#039;s value on your form when a user clicks on one of the PREV/NEXT buttons. This variable can be used to determine which page of the multipage form to display.<BR><BR>To get started on this I suggest you build a 2-3 page form with 2 TEXT controls on each. As you step through it, you&#039;ll get a better feel for what&#039;s involved.<BR>

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