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    Lyndal Guest

    Default Problem with PWS

    I have combed messages everywhere and don&#039t see anyone with this problem. Thanks for your help in advance...<BR><BR>I installed PWS4 and haven&#039t been able to view a page from it yet! I am running win98se and have Visual Studio installed. The only strange thing I&#039ve seen when setting stuff up is I got an error when trying to write to the Registry when installing the MTS portion of PWS(??). It then said the MTS was not successfully installed, but appeared to continue with the PWS installation. ( same error as Shawn had below in "PWS Installation Problems" post)<BR><BR>Here is the error I keep getting...<BR>"Browser Error<BR>Your Browser sent a malformed request "<BR><BR>Remember, I can get NO PAGE to be served up from the server - not one yet.<BR><BR>I tried it also with just a simple html page and still got the error above.<BR><BR>I have tried...<BR>http://my_machine_name_as_stated_in_PWS_Properties/BegASP/test.html<BR><BR>http://localhost/BegASP/test.html<BR>All these give me the same error message above.<BR><BR>I am also getting the "too many concurrent users" error message that I saw someone else getting in here. This only occassionally happens - probably after me trying 20 different things! :)<BR><BR>Also, I have PWS running on the same machine I am trying to access it on. I am also running a Wingate server on the same machine for internet connection sharing. Not sure if that is hurting me or not.<BR><BR>I might wanna try PWS3 - anyone know where I can get it?<BR><BR>I have been at this for hours - please help.<BR><BR>Later,<BR>Lyndal.<BR> m

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    Lyndal Guest

    Default Solved!! Problem with PWS

    Ugh. Wingate and PWS do not co-exist well. I just turned off the Wingate server software and all works fine. <BR><BR>Great forum - I look forward to learning from everyone!<BR><BR>Later,<BR>Lyndal.

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