Hi!<BR>Here&#039s my problem:<BR>I have a form where you can upload a picture to the web server<BR>(IIS 4.0). And as the file is uploaded to the server, the file is saved<BR>with a name of a certain field in the recordest.<BR>No problem here, everything works fine if you go to straight<BR>to the form where the picture is uploaded. BUT, if I arrive<BR>to the form page from a page that is showing the picture I want<BR>to save, I can&#039t<BR>upload the file with the same before a certain amount of time has<BR>passed. I&#039m using AspSmartUpload as the component, but I guess<BR>that has nothing to do with it.<BR><BR>So please experts, help me on this one... Is IE5 "hanging" to<BR>the pictures for a while even though I&#039m on a different page?<BR><BR><BR>Jan <BR><BR><BR>