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    Hello,<BR><BR>When I am opening my login page in the localhost for my particular project,sometimes I am seeing a runtime bug at some particular line.But this is not mentioning in what file.I am facing this problem not all times.Whenever I am using I.E 5.0 I am seeing this problem.But when I am seeing through MSN Explorer I can&#039;t see it.I am unable to know what this bug exactly is.I think this should not be a browser problem.<BR><BR>Could anyone please help me out of this.<BR><BR>vijay<BR>

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    Default Try turning off..

    .. "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages" from within Internet Explorer.<BR><BR>Goto Tools --&#062; Internet Options --&#062; Advanced Tab.<BR> - It&#039;s in there. Take OFF the check mark.<BR><BR>-Doug

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