Where are cookies stored on machine?

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Thread: Where are cookies stored on machine?

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    Thomas Whalen Guest

    Default Where are cookies stored on machine?

    Hi, I have created cookies with the Response.Cookies method. Despite knowing they exist because i used the Request.Cookies method to retrieve the cookies&#039 values contained w/i the cookies, I can NOT find these cookies on my machine. The machine I use is Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, with Option Pack 4<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Thomas Whalen<BR>aspdev@dakotaconnect.com

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    aneesh kumar puttur Guest

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    There are two types of Cookies one stored in your browser , this happens if you don&#039t mention the expire date, Other Cookie is stored in you hard disk i.e if you mention the expire date.<BR>now for this cookies to work your browser setting should be set to accept the cookies . In IE5.0 goto security tab from option menu and then click custome level and tehn enable the cookies i hope this will solve your problem.All this cookies will be transfered as Http_header.

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