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    Hi,<BR>I have a form with list displaying some codes:<BR>&#060;select name="Code" &#062;<BR> &#060;option&#062;CVTH <BR> &#060;option&#062;XCRT <BR> &#060;option&#062;TYOL<BR> &#060;/select&#062;<BR>I am trying to display explanation of these codes so as soon as the user select a code from the list,proper explanation will be displayed .<BR>I tried<BR>&#060;% if this.form.Code.value="CVTH" then<BR>response.write "Explanation of CVTH"<BR>but my error is :<BR>"Object required:"<BR>Thanks for any help

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    Default You are mixing client..

    .. and server code.<BR><BR>Try taking a look at some of the FAQs in the Nature of Things Category on (link in upper-right corner of your browser).<BR><BR>Then come back and let us know if you are still having problems.<BR><BR>-Doug

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