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    Hi,<BR> I have a question. I think its an easy one too.<BR> My question is as follows:<BR> I have dropdown box which i filled with information from the database. Once the user select one of the information he/she can delete the information by clicking on the button.<BR>What i am having problem with is how do i pass the variable to the other page and than<BR> read it. Please help. thank you

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    See the following article on 4Guys... it describes four different techniques you can use to pass variables from one ASP page to another:<BR><BR>Four Ways of Passing Variables from One ASP Page to Another<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Default Passing value to a page

    hello friend,<BR>u can simply pass the value like this to another page:<BR>Let us think that ur dropdown box named "DropList"was in the page firstPage.asp and the next page name is NextPage.asp.In the nextpage.asp u can use the request.form("DropList") to get the value of what u have selected in the drop down list.In this way we can pass the selected value to the next page.

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