When working on an ASP.NET project with multiple <BR>developers working on their local copies of the project <BR>on Windows 2000 Pro, the application has to live under a <BR>subdirectory of the default site, since Win 2000 Pro <BR>won&#039;t allow you to have more than one site.<BR><BR>But, we want the build version of the site running in its <BR>own website on Win 2000 Server.<BR><BR>Are there any workarounds for the path issues here. For <BR>example:<BR><BR>A developer&#039;s copy is running on their machine at<BR>http://denali.someco.net/webapp<BR><BR>but the build version is at:<BR>http://webapp.someco.net<BR><BR>When referring to / on the build version, you get the <BR>root of the app, but on the development version, you <BR>don&#039;t.<BR><BR>The team development guide at <BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?<BR>url=/library/en-us/dnbda/html/tdlg_rm.asp was a big help, <BR>but didn&#039;t answer this question.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>