I am using the following code in Visual Basic/ASP on a Win 2000 workstation. I am able to send emails to only internal email addreses but not any external address. Can anyone help me with this. Do I need to have the ports open to send any external email form my workstation.<BR><BR>---<BR><BR>Set MYMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>MYMail.From = "abc@xyz.com"<BR>MYMail.To = "sss@yahoo.com"<BR>MYMail.Subject = "Testing"<BR>MYMail.BodyFormat = CdoBodyFormatHTML<BR>MYMail.MailFormat = CdoMailFormatMime<BR>MYMail.Body = "Hi this is a test mail"<BR>MYMail.Send<BR><BR>Set MYMail = Nothing<BR><BR>---<BR><BR>I am able to send emails to external addresses using the following code - <BR><BR><BR>Dim objSession As Object &#039; or Dim objSession As MAPI.Session<BR>Dim objMessage As Object &#039; or Dim objMessage As Message<BR>Dim objOneRecip As Object &#039; or Dim objOneRecip As Recipient<BR> <BR> <BR>&#039; create a session then log on, supplying username and password<BR>Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")<BR>&#039; change the parameters to valid values for your configuration<BR>objSession.Logon "usrname", "", False, False<BR> <BR>&#039; create a message and fill in its properties<BR>Set objMessage = objSession.Outbox.Messages.Add<BR> <BR>&#039; create the recipient<BR>Set objOneRecip = objMessage.Recipients.Add<BR>objOneRecip.Name = "xyz@yahoo.com"<BR>objOneRecip.Type = CdoTo<BR><BR>objOneRecip.Resolve<BR> <BR>With objMessage &#039; message object<BR> .Subject = "attachment test"<BR> .Text = " This is a test msg"<BR> .Update &#039; update message to save attachment in MAPI system<BR>End With<BR> <BR>&#039; send the message and log off<BR>objMessage.Send showDialog:=False<BR>&#039;MsgBox "The message has been sent"<BR>objSession.Logoff<BR>Exit Sub<BR>