I have created a form that displays all the fields for a particular record in an access database. I want to update the fields in the database by changing and submitting the values in the form. However, a few of my fields in the database are &#039Memo&#039 datatypes with double and single quotes. Therefore, I think the update statement is failing because it is getting interrupted by the quotes. <BR><BR>I inserted the large statement using the following code. How can I update the record using the Access row ID using similar code :<BR><BR>&#039Add a new record...<BR>objRS.AddNew<BR><BR><BR>&#039Iterate through the fields of the table...<BR>Dim fld<BR>For Each fld in objRS.Fields<BR> &#039If a value for the column name was passed in,<BR> &#039set the column name equal to the value passed through the form...<BR> if Len(Request(fld.Name)) &#062; 0 then<BR> fld.Value = Request(fld.Name)<BR> end if<BR>Next<BR><BR>&#039We&#039re done, so update the record<BR>objRS.Update<BR><BR>