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    Hi,<BR><BR> Can some of you ASP experts please confirm somthing. Can I access files on a server even if &#039;Web Sharing&#039; is off thru FSO. The reason I ask is: I&#039;ve created scripts to do some file management (delete files/folders, upload files, rename files/folders create a folder, etc..) on a &#039;web server&#039; (using FSO). Everything works great. Now I&#039;m wondering if it&#039;s possible to access another server (the &#039;file server&#039;) FROM the &#039;web server&#039; using ASP in the same manner? The file server does have IIS installed but no files or folders are &#039;web shared&#039;. Everthing I&#039;ve been reading about FSO says to &#039;make sure the proper &#039;web shares&#039; are on the folders/files which need accessing&#039;. How can I access those folders/files without share???Any input please. Really much appreciated.

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    On whether or not the files you are trying to access are on the same network or not and that the "web server" has the correct file permission to access/modify/delete the files on the "file server"<BR><BR>instead of doing stuff like:<BR><BR>objFSO.DeleteFile("c:log.txt")<BR><BR ><BR>you&#039;ll have to use the format<BR><BR>objFSO.DeleteFile("\&#060;fileserver name&#062;clog.txt")<BR><BR><BR>that should work. try it and report the errors and/or success <BR><BR>Jonny Tooze

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