Hello,<BR><BR>I have a working asp script in VBScript, to take a binary image object from an HTML form and write it onto the server.<BR><BR>I want to re-write it in Jscript to integrate it into my application. I understand fully how it all works, but I can&#039;t seem to find how to hack up the binary &#039;bytestring&#039; in Jscript.<BR><BR>I can do a Request.BinaryRead then Response.BinaryWrite, to prove that I am definitely getting the data from the form.<BR><BR>The VBscript uses InstrB and MidB to deal with the binary string, but whenever I try to do anything to it in Jscript, I just get an error saying that my variable (that represents the form data) is &#039;not an Object&#039;. Are there Jscript equivalents to InstrB and MidB ?<BR><BR>Can anyone simply tell me if it is possible to manipulate binary objects / bytestrings with Jscipt??<BR><BR>Thanks very much.<BR>Ruaridh.